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We offer serious and individualized counsel. The experts at Talent Access have extensive backgrounds. We are aware of the requirements


Football players and teams consider Talent Access as a consultancy partner first and foremost. Additionally, the Talent Access-supported participants always have access to carefully chosen external professionals of the highest calibre (lawyers, insurance experts, advertising experts, asset managers, etc.).

We provide it with the information and connections it needs to become a player in football. We provide advise to many players, and every transfer has a unique tale.


Nobody can assure a budding football player of a prosperous future. The player must figure this out for himself. Football doesn’t benefit from daydreaming. A player’s career can frequently be ruined by poor or ill-considered decisions just as it is getting begun. We walk alongside the player from the very beginning.


Consultants and scouts at Talent Access have a knack for identifying young, talented players. In professional football, there are many skills but few employment. The upper air gets thinner the further a young player travels. Along with talent, it also takes a lot of willpower, persistence, and relationships.

We assist, counsel, examine, and encourage the young player. We see practises and games, and parents are naturally involved from the very beginning. Along with those in charge of the national team, we also continue to share ideas with the coach and sports director of the club.


As soon as a player receives media notice, he not only becomes a fan favourite but also attracts interest from sponsors. Talent Access is well-connected and knowledgeable. Sincere and serious, we take on the best marketing.

Talent Access

For more than thirty years, The Talent Access has been actively involved in consulting football players, clubs, and associations. The values that matter, even in football, are respect, an open exchange of ideas, and mutual trust. Every single day. We offer reliable, sincere, and honest advice.

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