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Our Products

Hand Crafted True Sensation

Crafted with precision, our gin captures the untamed beauty of the Utah high-mountain desert, offering a harmonious balance of sage, white pepper, rosemary, and other botanicals. Whether enjoyed in a Martini or G&T, it promises a lively and approachable craft spirit.

In our Summit Bourbon collection, experience the majesty of Lone Peak with our Single Barrel Bourbon, a full-bodied blend of distinctive mash bill notes including caramel, vanilla, and toasted marshmallow. Pay tribute to Mt. Pfeifferhorn with our Amburana Finished Bourbon.

A captivating blend of locally sourced Millcreek Coffee Roaster’s beans, this liqueur pays tribute to spirited cowgirls. Enjoy its rich, espresso-forward flavour in tiramisu, on ice cream, in hot chocolate, or any cocktail that craves a sweet, espresso twist.

Celebrating simplicity and versatility, this well-crafted spirit embodies purity and smoothness, offering a clean canvas for mixology creativity. Beyond its exceptional quality, Hidden Vodka supports the noble cause of ending human trafficking, with a portion of proceeds dedicated to charities aiding survivors globally.

Michael Thompson Whiskey Connoisseur

Spirits of the Wasatch redefines craft distillation. As a seasoned bourbon enthusiast, I find their Mount Superior Barrel Proof Bourbon to be a true masterpiece, delivering unparalleled depth of flavour. Cheers to Brent and the team for their exceptional artistry!

Sarah Rodriguez Mixologist

Perky Cowgirl Coffee Liqueur is my go-to indulgence. The rich coffee notes and smooth sweetness elevate my cocktails to a new level. A must-have for any coffee and spirits enthusiast!

Alex Carter Human Rights Advocate

Hidden Vodka is not only incredibly smooth but also supports a noble cause. As a supporter of anti-human trafficking efforts, it's heartening to know that every sip contributes to making a positive impact. Well done, Spirits of the Wasatch, for crafting a quality spirit with a purpose.

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