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At Ditch Your Fund Investing our goal is to make investing easy and accessible for everyone. We want to help you take control of your financial future and achieve your goals. We exist to give you the education and support you need to feel confident and empowered in your investment decisions.

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Unlock DYF Algorithm

Simplified Investing Through Data Insights

Algorithm Insight

Experience the ease of investing as our proprietary algorithm diligently uncovers opportunities in the stock market. With value investing at our core, DYF Investing brings clarity to stock prices, revealing true business potential.

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Value Unveiled

At DYF Investing, we believe in the power of value investing, and that belief is embodied in Value Unveiled. Witness the transformation of stock market complexities into clear, actionable insights. Uncover the true worth of companies beyond market prices, and embark on a journey where your investments align with genuine value, ensuring a robust foundation for your financial future.

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Simplified Investing

Navigate the intricate world of investments effortlessly with Simplified Investing. We break down the barriers that often intimidate investors, making the process comprehensible and accessible. DYF Investing simplifies complex financial landscapes, empowering you to make informed decisions and take control of your investment journey. Experience the ease of investing, tailored for everyone, from beginners to seasoned investors.

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Start Investing

Empower your wealth and embark on a journey of financial growth with DYF Investing. The time to act is now, and our Start Investing Today initiative is your gateway to a future of prosperous investments. Join a community dedicated to independent financial success, where every step is a stride towards a secure and empowered financial portfolio.

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DYF - Three-Step Approach
Three Steps

Unveiling Opportunities, Empowering Investors


Look at Companies You Understand

Invest confidently in what you understand. Our approach encourages informed decisions based on your knowledge and interests, ensuring a secure investment journey.


Identify the Wonderful Companies

Identify exceptional companies with strong fundamentals and growth potential. Let us guide you to uncover wonderful opportunities that redefine your investment success.


Understand Fair Value and the "On Sale" Price

Break free from market noise with DYF's fair value approach. Assess stock prices with precision, empowering you to seize opportunities when prices are on sale.


Most Frequent Questions Of DYF Investing

Wondering what sets DYF Investing apart? In a nutshell, we simplify investing, empower decision-making, and break down barriers to make financial success accessible for all.

We utilize a proprietary algorithm to analyze hundreds of data points, providing a DYF Score that simplifies the evaluation of a business's value.

The DYF Score assesses management, financial performance, and various data points, offering a comprehensive view for making informed investment decisions.

Join now to leverage data-driven decisions, access the DYF Score, and embark on a journey of strategic investing for a more empowered and successful portfolio.
What Our Clients are Saying

What Our Clients are Saying About Our Services

DYF helped me narrow down my choice. Took me less than 15 Minutes on a Friday after work to get my money invested.

Rueben J.

DYF Alpha User
Thank you Ditchers! I love the site, It has been user friendly and gives great insight to not only what I was currently holding, but happy with changes I have made based on your recommendations.

Jeff J.

DYF Alpha User
I find the design of the website pleasing with its no- nonsense approach, where I feel I can log in quickly, get the information I need and get on with my day.

Brad C.

DYF Alpha User
Value-based investing is important to me but as an average person with limited investing experience I found myself quickly overwhelmed, lost, and in over my head... My mutual fund was laden with fees and my portfolio was full of companies I had never heard of. DYF Investing bridges the gap to provide a platform that brings value- based investing, consumer education, and market information together in one platform that is organized and easy to understand.

DYF Alpha Jessica C.

Alpha User
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