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Imagine a time, rough around the edges, where every sunrise brought hard work and every sunset a well-earned rest. That’s the soul of Cookes Chackwagon Co. Forged from the same resilience and straightforwardness as those who once roamed these wild lands.

Our Tale of Grit and Grime

Cookes Chackwagon Co was born from a lineage of folks who knew the value of a hard day’s work. Our recipes? They’ve been through the wringer, tested by time, perfected by hands calloused from the reins and ropes of the true American West.
We’re not just slinging grub, and we’re honoring a heritage. Every dish we serve, especially our famous cowboy burger and fresh meat burgers, is steeped in the no-nonsense spirit of those who lived by the land. Simple, robust, and unapologetically direct.

Embracing Our Essence

Hand Crafted Food. Simple Ingredients. Kettle Cooked.

This isn’t just a slogan at Cookes Chackwagon Co.; it’s our very ethos, the heart of what we stand for. Each word is a promise, a commitment to the values that define us and the culinary experience we offer.

Straight From the Heartland

Our promise to you? No fluff, no filler. Just honest, kettle-cooked food that gets down to the nitty-gritty. We source our ingredients from places where they still value an honest day’s work – local farms where quality isn’t just a label but a way of life.

Sustainability: More Than a Fancy Word

Here at Cookes Chackwagon, sustainability isn’t some buzzword; it’s in our bones. We know the land like the back of our hand, and we respect it. Choosing our wagon means you’re part of a legacy that keeps the earth under our boots as solid and enduring as our food.

The Chuckwagon: A Symbol of Rugged Fellowship

Our wagon is more than a kitchen, and it’s a sanctuary. A place where you can hang your hat, pull up a stool, and fill your belly with food that warms your soul. It’s where simplicity meets a dash of the extraordinary, a nod to the lavishness that comes from savoring life’s basic pleasures.

Step Up to the Plate

So, are you ready to join us? Out here, we serve more than just a meal.
We offer a taste of history, a moment of connection to an era
that knew the worth of every grain, every cut of meat.
It’s rugged, it’s real, and it’s right here in Sarasota.

Meet Our Legendary Burgers at Cookes Chackwagon

Welcome to Cookes Chackwagon, where each burger isn’t just a meal, it’s a tale of the untamed West. Our menu’s a straightforward homage to the land – featuring the down-to-earth goodness of cowboy ribeye, bison, elk, wild turkey, and ground chicken.

1. The Cowboy Ribeye Burger

Bite into our Cowboy Ribeye Burger and you’re not just tasting a burger, you’re getting a piece of the Wild West. This isn’t just meat on a bun; it’s a rugged, flavorful journey. Each bite’s a burst of hearty, robust flavors, like a warm welcome from a time when life was tougher, but the rewards were tastier.

2. The Bison Burger

Our Bison Burger? It’s a testament to the wild, untamed spirit of nature. Rich, deep flavors that challenge the very notion of a lean burger. It’s health with a wild twist. Dull? Not on our watch. We invite you to take a bite and redefine what healthy eating means.

3. The Elk Burger

Try our Elk Burger and savor the subtle sweetness and rich protein, all wrapped up in a lean package. It’s a smart choice that doesn’t skimp on the juiciness. This burger’s a nod to those who appreciate the finer yet bolder things in life.

4. The Wild Turkey Burger

Lean, flavorful, and satisfying – that’s our Wild Turkey Burger for you. It’s the ideal choice for those who want a lighter option but aren’t willing to compromise on taste. It’s a lean meal that promises to keep your taste buds coming back for more.

5. The Ground Chicken Burger

Our Ground Chicken Burger is a celebration of simplicity. Here, the gentle, natural flavors of chicken take center stage, delivering a heartwarming, satisfying experience. This burger is about appreciating the basics, cooked to perfection.

Join us at Cookes Chackwagon and take a bite into history!

Become a Part of Our Chuckwagon Story

Are you looking for something that’s got more grit than just a business proposition? Well, pull up a chair. Here at Cookes Chackwagon Co., we’re not just any food truck; we’re a rolling testament to the hardy spirit of the Old West. This isn’t about following trends; it’s about bringing a piece of forgotten history back to the table.
We’re offering you a chance to be part of this gritty journey. It’s not just an investment; it’s a stake in a legacy – our legacy. Together, we can bring the robust flavors of the past to more people.

Why Get On Board?

We Stand Apart:

Imagine a food truck that serves more than the usual fare. We dish out time-honored recipes, the kind that have been fueling the souls of cowboys since the days of the Wild West. This isn’t just food; it’s a heritage on a plate.

Uncompromising Quality:

Our menu’s backbone is fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Think grass-fed beef and game meats that are as true to nature as the land itself. It’s honest food that resonates with folks looking for something real.

A Market Hungry for Authenticity:

Sure, food trucks are everywhere, but we’re not just another trend. We’re a slice of history, a story that’s being told one plate at a time. That’s what gets us the attention, the interest, and the loyal following.

More Than Meals, It’s Community:

We’re not just serving up dishes; we’re serving up experiences. When folks dine with us, they’re stepping back in time. They’re part of a story, and they keep coming back for more – bringing friends and family with them.

On the Move, In the Heart of the Action:

The beauty of this venture? We meet our customers where they’re at. Festivals, street corners, town events – wherever there’s a gathering, we’re there, serving up a taste of history.

Join the Ride

So, what do you say? Ready to be part of something that’s a little bit history, a little bit delicious, and a whole lot of fun? Let’s make Cookes Chackwagon the talk of the town together.
Hop on! Let’s take this adventure to the next level.


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