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Assuring Effective and Accurate Construction Literature

Technical literature delivers fact-based information about your construction product; allowing the construction specifier to fully understand how your construction product is used, any constraints in its application, the performance it delivers and how to specify it correctly. Importantly it will form part of the audit trail for construction projects. It is important that it is thorough but concise, accurate and reflects current standards and installation practices.

Building product literature plays an important role in your construction marketing strategy

It is key to explaining your Company and its construction product credentials and creating the desire to use your products.

To help manufacturers ensure their literature will do what’s required Competitive Advantage have developed a Construction Literature Health Check.

This comprehensive construction literature ‘health check’ provides valuable insight into the effectiveness of your construction literature.

It offers a score, as well as comments and observations, on elements such as:

  • Literature Objectives
  • Primary Competitors
  • Marketing Content
  • Technical Content
  • Photography
  • Diagrams/illustrations/selector tools
  • Presentation

The review seeks to offer advice on what is good and where there are opportunities for improvement.

You can use this review of your literature to put into action improvements or you can choose to work with us to further develop your literature and how it forms part of your specification strategy.

Why choose us

Competitive Advantage Consultancy specialises in helping building product manufacturers to be more effective at getting their products selected. Our specialist team have been recruited from sales, marketing or specification roles within the construction sector. This experience means that not only are we marketing experts, we are also familiar with the construction sector and the challenges you face.