Developing a CPD Programme for your Construction Product

CPD is a valuable tool in the process of construction specification selling.

When communicating with Architects, Engineers and other construction design professionals they want informative and accurate construction CPD; they do not want to be sold to. For this reason, the CPD accreditation bodies vet material to ensure it meets these criteria. What the audience wants is an inspirational CPD seminar. As a construction product manufacturer you want to use CPD to generate awareness and leads for your product. Is it possible to keep all three parties happy? Yes!

Making sure your CPD stands out and gets noticed requires a considered approach, taking into account topic, message, delivery and design. Striking the right balance between technical content and construction product information, while also delivering an effective sales message takes careful thought. We can help you with this by conducting a review of your existing material. This will consider such elements as:

  • Seminar Objectives
  • Competition
  • Promotion
  • Target market
  • Presentation content
  • Presentation style
  • Technical information
  • Legislation
  • USPs
  • Follow-up

Benefits of CPD for the construction product manufacturer

Construction CPD has the benefit of opening doors, meeting many specifiers at one time and can often end with a discussion about a specific project. It can also help position your organisation and the person who delivers the CPD as a Trusted Advisor.

Technical advice is the key reason why a specifier will allow a relationship with a construction product manufacturer. Construction CPD seminars are a proactive way to introduce your company and demonstrate the technical competence of your team.

The team at Competitive Advantage have helped many construction product manufacturers develop and maximise the benefit of their construction CPD.

We can help you develop and maximise the benefit from your construction CPD strategy by:

  • Researching and identify unique topics and the CPD offerings
  • Facilitate a workshop to review content
  • Progress an outline for your CPD seminar presentation
  • Produce a script which includes all key points
  • Prepare CPD Material
  • Prepare your CPD accreditation application for approval

In addition we can:

  • Train your team
  • Develop a communications strategy to gain CPD bookings
  • Organise CPD events on your behalf