Customer profiling construction markets

Although each construction sector will have some similar requirements they will also have unique needs. Profiling your construction customer base is an important part of managing customer relationships. Knowing your customer, their business and what is important to them in each construction sector allows you to tailor your construction marketing & communications strategy and manage the construction product sales process more effectively.

Why conduct customer profiling in construction markets?

When you engage with customers and prospects within construction markets, be it via direct mail, email or personal contact it’s important to fully understand their needs and issues so that you can deliver a targeted and effective message.

Customer profiling allows you to build that picture of your construction customers, ensuring that when you do make contact messages are relevant and compelling.

Customer profiling in construction markets considers a number of factors:

  • Construction sectors worked in
  • Past projects
  • Size of business
  • Roles of key contacts

It allows you identify and prioritise the construction decision makers representing the best opportunities for your business and deliver impactful messages across construction markets

In addition to bespoke client projects, Competitive Advantage have developed a series of standard Persona Templates which are available to purchase and download. These detail how each persona fits into the construction decision making unit, their qualifications, roles and what their challenges are. Providing a general introduction and guidance on how to create a customised persona for your business.