Mystery shopper for the construction market

Conducting a mystery shopper survey will provide you with detailed insight into the way your construction products are sold. The mystery shopper can determine price levels in the construction market. It can provide practical examples your construction sales and marketing team can learn from and also arm them with information they can use in their negotiations with distributors or internal departments.

Mystery shopper research for building product manufacturers

Mystery shopper research in construction markets can be used in two ways – to assess your own company’s customer service or to understand the offering being made by your distribution channel; how your construction products and those of your competitors are being sold and price ranges charged.

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The benefits of conducting a Mystery Shopper survey:

  • You will gain detailed insight into the way your construction products or services are sold, providing you with good and bad practice examples that your team can learn from
  • The information gathered can inform your sales team and put them in a strong position to negotiate with distributors in construction markets
  • The information can inform your marketing team to provide customer lead campaigns
  • You will gain impartial information about your company’s customer service, allowing you to make informed improvements
  • You will gain an understanding of your competitors’ offering in relation to yours
  • You can determine price levels in the construction market, particularly relevant when launching a new construction product
  • Training requirements can be identified and an informed development plan put in place

The mystery shopper market research is a relatively inexpensive means of monitoring the construction market, and if repeated on a regular basis can also highlight trends

How the process works:

The key to a mystery shopper is keeping it simple and having clear objectives for the ‘shopper’ to cover when presenting their enquiry.

Working with you we will clearly identify your objectives, defining the issues to be covered by the ‘shopper’. Our construction knowledge allows us to successfully pose as a prospective customer, understanding your construction product portfolio, allowing for a believable buying scenario.

Competitive Advantage has been conducting construction market research since 2000. We are experienced at conducting mystery shopper via site visits to stockists, telephone, online or a combination of these. As part of the process we conduct a pilot, allowing you to make adjustments before rolling out the full survey.

Our commercial experience of the construction industry means that as well as reporting research findings, we are able to interpret these effectively and make sound business recommendations.

The benefits of working with us on construction market research:

  • We have been conducting research for the construction sector since 2000
  • Our specialist team have been recruited from sales, marketing and design roles within the construction sector
  • We are experienced at interviewing construction industry decision makers: architects, engineers, project managers, estimators, large & small contractors, sub-contractors, tradesmen, distributors, wholesalers and merchants
  • We publish standard reports that can be referenced to complement your research findings
  • Our commercial experience means that as well as reporting findings we interpret these effectively and make sound business recommendations
  • If your research identifies a training requirement, or a need for strategy development we have the expertise to work with you on this
  • We provide high quality, informative data at an affordable cost