It’s Got To Be Funky

The Life and Music of
Horace Silver

A documentary film exploring the enduring legacy of the legendary jazz pianist and composer. Narration is provided by a cloned version of Silver’s voice, featuring excerpts from his autobiography. Following his acclaimed musical contributions to Jazz in the ’50s and ’60s, Silver embarked on a journey of spiritual exploration and social justice through his music. Despite being dropped by Blue Note in 1980 after releasing twenty-five successful albums, Horace Silver adapted and his music continued to evolve.




Bret Primack is a notable figure in the world of jazz. He co-founded the first major jazz website, Jazz Central Station, in 1994 and became YouTube’s “Jazz Video Guy” in 2006. His videos, interviews, and documentaries have provided valuable insights into the lives and careers of many jazz musicians. Primack was also the first jazz blogger, in 1997 with Bird Lives. Writing as “the Pariah, ” his impassioned diatribes railed against the injustices of the music industry. Additionally, he produced the first live video webcasts from Birdland in 1999.



Documentary Features



The Jazz Video Guy YouTube and Facebook channels, with a combined following of 130,000 subscribers and followers, provide dedicated jazz enthusiasts an opportunity to contribute to the film’s funding. This grassroots support from the jazz community ensures that passionate fans can play a direct role in bringing the project to life.


Due to Arcadian Arts’ non-profit status, the project is eligible for numerous grants from various institutions and foundations. These grants offer substantial financial support, helping to cover production costs and ensuring the project’s sustainability.

Private Funding

Individuals with a deep interest in jazz, including show business legends and prominent figures from the financial sector known for their love of jazz, are being approached for private funding. Their contributions are crucial, providing significant financial backing and lending credibility to the project.

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