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Baywest School is dedicated to academic rigor and excellence, providing a comprehensive educational experience with erudite faculty, fostering intellectual growth and preparing students for success in academia and life.


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I wish you a fantastic school year, filled with joy, discovery, and achievement!


Melinda Sherman

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents:

Welcome! We embark on yet another exciting academic year filled with possibilities and opportunities for growth. As we kick off the new school year, I am thrilled to welcome both returning and new students, families, and staff to our vibrant learning community.

At Baywest, we are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment where each student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Our dedicated faculty and staff are here to inspire, guide, and support our students on their educational journeys. Together, we will continue to uphold the high standards of excellence that define our school.

We will continue to focus on providing a well-rounded education that not only emphasizes academic achievement, but also encourages the development of critical thinking skills, creativity, and a sense of responsibility to the community.

Communication and collaboration are essential components of a successful school community, and we encourage open dialogue between students, parents, and educators. We value your input and involvement in your child’s education, and we invite you to actively participate in the various events and activities planned throughout the year.

As we navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes that lie ahead, let us embrace the spirits of cooperation, excellence, and unity. Together, we can maintain an enriching and supportive environment that empowers our students to reach their full potential.

I am honored to serve as the principal of such an exceptional school, and I am confident that the 2023-2024 academic year will be a memorable and successful one for all.

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Our vision is to provide a transformative educational experience for every child who walks through our doors. We strive to cultivate a community of curious, creative, and compassionate learners who are empowered to explore the world around them in confidence and enthusiasm. Through a rigorous curriculum and innovative teaching methods, we seek to inspire a life-long love of learning and to equip our students with the critical thinking skills and cultural competencies necessary to strive in an increasingly globalized an interconnected world.


Our core values allow us to mold our students and prepare them for all aspects of
life. They are efficiency, faith, family, freedom, integrity, respect, reliability,
responsibility, and service.


At Baywest, our mission is to provide a nurturing and dynamic educational
environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning, personal growth, and the
development of responsible and engaged global citizens. Rooted in a commitment
to excellence, inclusivity, we strive to empower every student to achieve their full
potential and make a positive impact on the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions.

Drop-off begins at 7:45 A.M. School begins at 8:30 A.M. and is dismissed at 2:30 P.M. Students who remain at school after 3:30 P.M. will be admitted into the after school homework assistance programme, for a cost of $10.o0 per hour.

Feel free to reach out to us if you require assistance!

Baywest is an elite school that offers exceptional educational service to Bahamian and international students. Our full-day programme is for students from grades 1 to 6. We also provide supplementary educational support for students from grades 7 to 12.

Our school is located on West Bay Street, opposite the beautiful Saunders Beach. The mission of our School is to provide all students with dynamic learning opportunities in a nurturing environment, inspiring life-long learning and the realization of full potential.

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