What Is Procedure?

We will pick you up and take you to have your procedure done.

We will stay at the procedure location the entire time during and after your procedure.

We will take you home tuck you in, and drop off your prescriptions, if needed.

We will stay with you at home as long as you need us.

We will travel with you to another city, state, or country if needed.

Our Dream

We believe that everyone deserves to have some quality of life. While we provide travel companion services to any age group, this service was designed with our seniors in mind. Many of our seniors need a little assistance and or that extra hand to leave their homes. Travel, for whatever the reason, whether it be for pleasure or just to visit friends, relatives, or attend an special event is no problem. We will get you to your destination and back safely.

We help make it possible by accompanying you to wherever your dreams or hearts desire wants to go !

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