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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to exceed our customers expectations, to provide a clean, safe and optimal work environment for everyone involved in your business. We will do whatever it takes to achieve this.
From the front sidewalk to the loading dock, from the lobby to the Penthouse, nothing is left to chance by OVBC’s staff and managers. Your guests will appreciate the sparkle and cleanliness of your Hotel or Resort the moment they reach your front door and beyond. OVBC’s cleaning and maintenance professionals use proven processes in every area of your hotel or resort to ensure your guests receive the ultimate experience associated with impeccable cleaning and service.

Our cleaning services are customized to your property and your specific needs with a realistic budget that allows for flexibility and constant improvements and dynamic evolutions. Ocean View Building Contracts has a systematic approach using technology to track performance, inspections and periodic cleaning schedules. We also are timeless in our belief in having the right attitude and inspiring others to as well, with humility, wisdom, professionalism, and consciousness, we put an emphasis not only on excellent cleaning and technology, but also the human connection with you and your customers, with an inherent awareness of the full circle and all that matters to you, going the extra miles with our posture and temperament with integrity is the Ocean View Standard.