Hotels & Resort

Commercial Cleaning

When you unite with Ocean View for cleaning services on commercial buildings, resorts, hotels, rentals, and others, we will create a consistently healthy and sanitary environment for your guests and employees. Ocean View provides peace of mind and convenience so you can continue to focus on running your businesses in the best ways possible. We help create an optimal and professional work flow for all involved. We truly care and believe that all details matter even beyond the work done, attitude and how we treat others matters, every nuance makes a difference.

As well, Ocean View is one of the few cleaning and engineering companies that has developed custom, interactive, computerized programs for tracking our performance, tracking staff attendance, monitoring large equipment, monitoring vehicle usage, with the ability to interact with your financial systems to provide up to the minute budgetary forecasting and work flow.

After assessing your specific requirements, we develop a service plan that is cost effective and supported by a team that is dedicated to making you look your best, 24-7. Day to day personal attention is given to each and every client without regard to industry type or contract size. If you are an Ocean View client, small or large, your value to our company is equal to that of our largest clients with multi-site facilities. Our proactive approach is exemplified in everything we do.