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Professional staffing services

CEF Express staffing offers different staffing services which are: Flex Staffing, Flex to Hire
and Direct Hire. We provide workforce in the following industries:

Finance & Accounting

 If you are a financial professional looking for challenges and projects where you can use your know how and at the same time gain more experience, Cefexpress is your partner to make it happen. We match you with the right project and the right business.



     Your current talent search strategy is not enough anymore. We have an expansive, connected network of the top IT and Techs professionals with the hard-to-find skills you need. If you are IT professional, reach out to us and we will get you connected to the right company you want.


Janitors/ Security

     We have a huge pool of experienced janitor and security workers. If your company is looking for janitors and security workers, reach out to us, we got your back. Also, to those experience in those areas and looking for a good fit, get in touch with us and we will take care of you.



     Manufacturing companies need special workers experienced with chemicals for their sanitation work. We are your solution. This is an important position and must be treated specially. For that reason, reach out to us so we discuss a good fit. In addition, if you are an experienced worker in the field, give us a call.   


General Labor

     Just looking for a job and not something specific, contact us and we will help you connect with the right company for you. Any company looking for General labor, please reach out so we help you find the right worker for you.


If you need a workforce outside of those listed above, please reach out to us and we will confirm if we can assist.

Flex Staffing

You have a venue where you often host events like concerts, conventions, sport games or any other kind of events, you need a reliable source of qualified and well-trained workforce. That’s where we come into play to assist smoothing out the process and make your event successful. We know you are tight up with managing your event and that’s why we are here to bring you a dedicated workforce who will take care of completing the tasks assigned.

Flex to Hire

This is a good approach to know who you are hiring. We highly suggest this approach in the hiring process. Both you and the employee get to know each other and determine if you would be a fit. We have no restriction on the number of hours to be worked before being converted to full time. We also don’t have any fee charge related to the conversion. We look for the best of our workers and our clients.

Direct Hire

We have a huge pool of workers we can match you with based on your request and qualities you are looking for. We got your back. Just tell us who will be a good fit for you. We will do a pre-screening on our end and send you the best talents who could also fit your company culture.


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